Saturday, July 24, 2004

Trial Run: Testing the Waters

Fascinating. Ever since I heard of blogs during the Dubya-inspired Iraq War, I've always wondered just how it would... feel to have one. Sort of like a... sounding board. Well, not really. As a communications major, I understand the begnnings of blogs. But, like with most human inventions - like SMS, or the Net, for that matter, - mankind has found other ways of using the tools in his kit for other things.
I've been trying to setup one, partly to have someplace to store my thoughts - friends say I talk too much - and partly because I wanted to try out that wiki technology one of our speakers in the Theodor Heuss Akademie mentioned. But, actually, this came about because I didn't want to be a post named "anonymous" in Tin's Blogger.
Oh, well. I guess now's good a time as any.

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