Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Maid in Makati!!!!!

Okay: I know I have been a VEEERRRRYYYYY delinquent blogger, but I will not restart my postings with another depressing analysis of current sociopolitical events. Life is sad enough for now for me to add some more to it.

Instead, I will make an unabashed plugging for a blog that has brought a lot of "feel good" moments for me these past few days: Maid in Makati.

This blog was found by one of my guildmates at Rising Force Online. And I'm glad my guildmate found it because it is more than just worth the read.

Leave your jadedness and cynicism at the door when you read the blog because it is one of the most fascinating and enjoyable reads I have ever had in a looooonnnnggggggg while.

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